20 Students Share their Virtual Learning Stories

We hope all of our students–and parents!–are staying healthy and motivated as we kick off another week of virtual learning for high school and college students around the country. Last week, we asked former and current students to share their stories about staying on track amidst the changes implemented due to the Coronavirus pandemic. We loved reading their responses, which shed light on everything from advice for school administrators to the best self-isolation snacks, and we wanted to share their advice and experiences with all of you. Keep reading for all of the information gathered from our survey, which includes responses from 20 high school and college students virtually learning in counties throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

  1. High school students: How have you been receiving instruction from home?

  2. High school students: How well do you feel your school and teachers handled the communication regarding new procedures?

  3. College students: Has your college campus been closed?

  4. College students: How well do you feel your college handled communication regarding new procedures?

  5. High School Students: What is one piece of feedback you would give to school administrators?

  6. College Students: What is one piece of feedback you would give to college administrators? 

  7. All students: What are the best study habits you’re using to stay on track?

  8. All students: What are some of the best ways you’ve found to keep in touch with classmates and friends?
    1. WINNER: FaceTime (13 respondents)
    2. RUNNER UP: Social Media apps like Snapchat & Instagram (9 respondents)
    3. OTHERS: video games, texts, and watching shows together
  9. High School Students: Besides binge watching, what have you been doing to stay active and entertained?
    1. Working out and playing video games
    2. Cleaning, walking, working, organizing, family games
    3. I work out in my basement and go on walks and bike rides
    4. Playing soccer in my backyard, and playing with my dog
    5. Online yoga classes, reading, and painting
    6. Take around 59 swings a day in preparation for baseball season to start again
    7. My yoga instructor left videos for us to do so I’ve been keeping up to date with that
    8. Watching videos on my phone
    9. Playing video games and working out
  10. College Students: What’s one piece of advice you’d like to give to your peers?
    1. Stay focused even though you are at home. It is not a break from school; you still have to work hard.
    2. It’s normal to feel weird in this situation – the whole world is struggling, and there are people in much worse positions than having to do online classes.
    3. This situation is not ideal for anyone, so instead of complaining just get the work done and look forward to next semester.
    4. Buckle down and work hard, a lot of these online classes give you a boost because professors don’t want you to fail
    5. Look at this as an opportunity! Would I rather be on campus right now? Absolutely! However, I’ve taken advantage of extra time at home to start new habits and learn new things. Now’s the time to read the books stacked next your bed for a year, finally start learning Spanish, exercise regularly, watch new movies, or learn to cook! The options are endless 🙂 Just try to stay positive and do loads of things that make you happy.
    6. It’ll be alright.
    7. Hopefully it will be over soon. This isn’t an ideal situation but schools are trying their best to compensate
    8. Make art
    9. We now have a story to tell our kids how we couldn’t celebrate our 21st.
    10. Just to keep on top of the scheduled assignments and not fall behind.

  1. All students: What show would you recommend binge watching during study breaks?

  2. All students: What is the best go-to self-isolation snack?
    1. Popcorn, banana & nutella, pita chips & hummus, any fresh fruits, dark sourdough pretzels, eggs, In-N-Out Burger, coffee, chips & dip, cookies, granola & pb, goldfish, Tostitos hint of lime chips, cereal, Cheez-Its, potato chips, Goldfish, popcorn, chips & salsa always, ice cream, cookies, cheese, pretzels
  3. All students: What book would you recommend reading in free time?


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