• When should I begin preparing?
    • We recommend beginning no later than six weeks out from any testing date, but strong suggest starting at least twelve weeks out. Sessions are held for 90 minutes once or twice per week, depending on the student’s schedule, initial diagnostic score, and score goals.
  • Should I take the SAT or ACT–or both?
    • We suggest taking both the SAT and ACT…in diagnostic form. Using these practice results, we can then help you determine which test you should spend time preparing for in order to achieve the maximum score. Remember, all colleges accept either the SAT or ACT, and none require both.
  • What’s a good score?
    • There’s no such thing! Of course, there are national averages, but a good score is really any score that allows you to be a strong contender for admission at your selected colleges.

If you have ever asked any of these questions, we can help. We approach test preparation as one piece of the application puzzle. In doing so, we encourage students to focus on achieving a good score for their goals, rather than one they can brag about to their friends and neighbors. We also know there is a unique approach that will work best for each individual. During sessions, we perform initial diagnostic assessments, identify problem areas, utilize actual test problems, create fun exercises, review skills to enforce concepts, and administer frequent practice tests–all while tailoring sessions to the particular needs of students.

Standardized Test Prep Steps

Step One: run initial diagnostics to choose SAT or ACT

Step Two: work with selection of practice problems to pinpoint areas of weakness

Step Three: choose test date and set prep plan

Step Four: incorporate skill building and strategy review into every session

Step Five: incorporate at least two full-length practice tests into preparation