Although the most general explanation for what we do is standardized test preparation and college application assistance, our services extend far beyond this. Beginning as early as eighth grade, we work with students and families to explore interests and shape the narratives that will become crucial for creating the strongest application profiles–and solidifying the education story students wish to begin writing for themselves.

Freshman – Exploring Interests

Freshman year is all about finding the pieces of yourself you want to explore more, both academically and extracurricularly.

Y.E.S. suggests scheduling just a few sessions during freshman year to review course selections, discuss activities, and talk about how the next fours years will play into the application process in general.

Sophomore – Solidifying Academics and Activities

After spending a year exploring, students should now have a better sense of the paths they’d like to more deeply pursue.

During sophomore year, Y.E.S. works with students to identify particular interests, and discuss how students can (and should!) immerse themselves in these areas. We help research internship and summer opportunities, as well as educational opportunities outside of high school classes.

Junior – A Million Things to Do

Junior year is arguable the most important time of a student’s high school career.

The majority of students come to Y.E.S. during their junior years. At this time, we help guide students through standardized testing, schools research and tours, selecting leadership opportunities, and academic assistance (if necessary). While some of these steps can be undertaken at the end of junior year, others (such as establishing leadership positions) should be considered no later than the beginning of this year.

Senior – Putting All the Pieces Together

Senior year is less about developing content for your application, and more about finding the best ways to present this content.

By the time students reach their senior year, many of the pieces of the application puzzle have already been created: course selections, grades, test scores, activities, school lists. During this year, Y.E.S. helps students fill in any missing pieces, but, more importantly, put everything in order. At this time, we discuss EA/ED vs. Regular Decision, activities lists, recommendations, brag sheets, and, of course, essays.