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April 9, 2019
by Kristen S. on Y.E.S. Educational Consulting

Blakely’s ability to quickly assess our son’s strengths and weaknesses on the SAT meant that the SAT prep time she spent with him was time well spent.  The tailored approach made tutoring time efficient and targeted the areas he needed to improve, such as understanding the nature of the test, and how to approach various types of questions on the test. He learned how to question his own reasoning behind his approach to the material, thus making him a better test taker. These bits of knowledge led to his strong test score and are skills which carryover to taking other tests. “One and done” on the SAT! Thank you, Blakely! Kristen S.

Mar 22, 2019
by Michael C. on Y.E.S. Educational Consulting

The help Blakely provided to me with the college application process was of unparalleled worth. In fact, I am convinced that without her comprehensive feedback on the Common Application essay and all related supplements, her expertise in creating a professional resume, and all of her insights and knowledge that helped guide me to make all the right decisions and choose the perfect path in this labyrinthine process, I would not have gotten into NYU — the college of my dreams since 6th grade. I owe my acceptance to the devotion Blakely has to her profession and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for help with all aspects of this process, whether it be first-rate feedback on essays, help with the Common App or resume-building, or any decisions within the college application process. She is a true blessing!

Mar 21, 2019
by Sean C. on Y.E.S. Educational Consulting

Blakely has been of great help and assistance during the college admissions process.  From SAT prep to editing essays and supplements to guidance, she provided an encouraging and productive environment for me.  With her help, I was able to comfortably apply to colleges with a solid SAT score and polished writing, which played an important role in me ending up at my top choice, Northeastern University.  I definitely recommend Blakely for her valuable support if you are going through the college process!

Mar 22, 2017
by Jeanne M. on Y.E.S. Educational Consulting

“Blakely has been a great investment in my daughter’s college test preparation process. We won’t know the outcome until the scores come in, but my daughter has a lot of respect for Blakely’s style, preparedness and efficiency in the time they have together. Highly recommend!”

Mar 22, 2017
by Jason L. on Y.E.S. Educational Consulting

Blakely Slater is a wonderful tutor and has worked with our daughter beautifully for ACT prep. Blakely has excellent assessment skills and was able to pinpoint areas needed for her to focus on for improvement. Our daughter speaks glowingly of her interactions with Blakely. We highly recommend her. She is terrific!

Oct 4, 2016
by Christopher F. on Y.E.S. Educational Consulting

“Very professional. Excellent overall experience.”

Oct 4, 2016
by Jude B. on Y.E.S. Educational Consulting

Blakely is currently working with my son on ACT prep. He feels very comfortable with her and is already seeking an improvement in his understanding of the test.

May 18, 2016
by Jill B. on Y.E.S. Educational Consulting

Blakely tutored my son for the “new” SAT. She worked with him twice a week for 2 months prior to the test. We just received the results and we were very pleased! As a teacher, I recognized her superior teaching skills and knowledge of her subject areas. She is very professional and my son really enjoyed working with her. I highly recommend Blakely for her specialized individual testing instruction.

May 11, 2016
by Parvaneh I. on Y.E.S. Educational Consulting

We loved Blakely, she was very informative with all of the tests.Our son was very comfortable with her and learned a lot.We recommend her .

May 10, 2016
by Michelle M. on Y.E.S. Educational Consulting

Blakely prepared my daughter for the new SAT in March, and while we’re still waiting for the results I can already say that I know the sessions were helpful in improving my daughter’s math and reading skills, as well as her confidence in her test-taking ability. Blakely’s method of working with her was completely tailored to the way that she learned best. My daughter has taken prep courses in group settings before, but it was obvious to me almost immediately that this one-on-one setting was more helpful, especially with Blakely’s patience and attention to her needs. I will absolutely use her service again for future prep!

Apr 27, 2016
by Julie Warren on Y.E.S. Educational Consulting

Blakely was the most prepared, punctual and professional tutor we have ever had. She worked with my son once a week for 90 minutes and made a huge positive impact on his test scores and general understanding of math, science and English. She is an excellent tutor/teacher who explained things in such a way that my son totally understood what he couldn’t before. I referred Blakely to all my friends and every one of them were very pleased with her work. Blakely is an amazing tutor and person!