“Education is not preparation for life. Education is life itself.”
-John Dewey

Call us nerds, but at Y.E.S. Educational Consulting, we do truly view education as a reward in and of itself, and approach our interactions with students with this mentality. Never do we want students to feel as if they have to jump through a series of unrelated hoops in order to reach their ultimate goals way down the line. Rather, we encourage them to think about forming an education story based off of their own interests and capabilities—strong application profiles will come naturally from this authentic approach.

Working with Y.E.S. Educational Consulting is an exploratory experience, meaning we encourage our students to learn just as much about themselves throughout the process as they do about SAT math, essay writing, or a college’s admissions statistics. Nothing delights us more than seeing students uncover strengths they never knew they had, or discover information that gets them excited to keep pushing through the process. Education can be just as exciting as the future itself, and while we do want students to reach their goals, we also want them to grow, find joy, and celebrate along the way.