• 2007 – Prefix
    • Blakely Slater sets her sights on NYU.
      Infatuated with the idea of living in a city, and slightly convinced she could be the real-life version of the fictional Carrie Bradshaw, Blakely refuses to consider any options other than NYU.
  • 2008-2012 – Real Education Begins
    • After realizing pretty quickly that NYU might not have been the best choice, Blakely resolves to still make the most of her school.
      Although she entered with an interest in magazine editing, Blakely finds after her first journalism class that the education beat is far more fascinating to her than fashion, fitness, or fame. She tutors in her spare time, and begins reading anything she can about current issues in education.
  • 2014 – Our Story Begins
    • Blakely Slater founds Y.E.S. Educational Consulting with the goal of helping students take back control of their education stories, dreams, and goals.
      Looking back, Blakely realizes she was so excited to have a school like NYU say yes to her, that she never thought twice about whether or not she should say yes back to them. She is determined to help students make decisions based not on expectations or pressure, but on a better understanding of the environment that will best foster their growth and success.
  • 2015 – Students Start Their Stories
    • The first batch of Y.E.S. Educational Consulting students begin SAT and ACT prep, and come to us for college admissions consulting.
      By helping students see testing and application requirements as a larger piece of their entire education story, Y.E.S. Educational Consulting imbues its students with a better sense of the serious purpose of this process. Our students improve their composite ACT and SAT scores, and are accepted into at least one of their top choices.
  • 2016 – We Grow With Our Students
    • With each batch of students, we add to our company’s own story. Our goal is to keep writing more and more.
      Y.E.S. Educational Consulting is currently expanding into group classes, workshops, speaking engagements, and diagnostic exams.